Pet Policy

Pets are allowed at most rental properties, subject to owner’s approval.  Unless stated otherwise — a $200 per pet – pet fee is charged for each dog and/or cat.   A monthly pet rent charge of $10 per pet is added to the rent.

Owner/manager reserve right to limit number, sizes & breeds of pets.  Usually two pets maximum per unit.

The owner/agent may refuse to rent to applicants with certain pets – including but not limited to Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, wolf & fox hybrids, German Shepherds and other large dogs and wild animals.

Tenants with one or more dogs are responsible for maintaining liability insurance with minimum coverage of $300,000 and shall name owner & manager  as additionally insured.  This applies to dogs residing on the property either permanently or on a temporary basis.  Tenant is responsible for payment of this insurance coverage.

Note:  The rental agreement will state “No Pets without prior written consent of the owner/agent”.  If any pets are found on the property without prior consent – they may at owner’s discretion be permanently removed from the property.  Your visitors and guests should be informed of this pet policy to avoid potential loss of the pet and or action taken against the tenant for violation of your rental agreement.  Temporary or visiting pets are NOT allowed on the property unless approved in advance by the owner/agent and all pet policies are followed.

Should a tenant decide to exchange or replace a pet covered under his/her rental agreement, tenant must provide office with breed and pet information and such replacement must be approved by the manager PRIOR to any new pet being brought on the property.

Service Animals are not considered pets.  However, you must provide a copy of a “prescription” from your health care professional or other provider as allowed by law.  The “dog insurance policy” still applies — whether a pet or a service animal, liability insurance must be provided as per our rental agreement.

Call the office  (253) 475-1884 or e-mail any specific questions about pet policies on a specific address.

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