Management Services

Family Real Estate Service, Inc. offers full property management services for rental properties located in the Tacoma, Washington area.

We offer 3 levels of service —

  •         Full Management
  •         Rental Only – then owner handles day to day management
  •         Day to Day only — owner takes care of filling vacancies


With Full Management – owner’s get a “hands free” approach to rental ownership.  As the manager, we handle filling vacancies by listing units available ‘for rent,’ showing vacant units,  screening applicants, handling rental documents, doing move-in inspections, handling monthly rental collection, supervising normal repairs as required, and full accounting of funds.

Rental Only – Allows owners who are local, yet too busy to do showings, screenings and documents, to  have someone handle these aspects of rental ownership.  After tenant is moved in, owner then takes over and handles rent collection, repairs and accounting.  When the tenant vacates — we take over again and handle deposit paperwork and begin process to find a new tenant.

Day to Day only — This allows owners to do showings, select their own tenants and do their own screenings.  Once a tenant is procured, we step in to handle rental documents and continue providing monthly rent collection, handling repair requests, etc.

Our current fee schedule:  Owners with 3 or more properties – call office for special rates.

50% of first full month’s rent of each tenancy to fill vacancies (Rental only and full management)

10% of rent collected monthly (on full management -starting with 2nd month of each tenancy) (full management & day to day)

10% of all late fees, pet fees and pet rents collected (full management & day to day)

100% of all NSF fees, service fees, etc. paid by tenants for returned checks or for serving notices for rental violations. (all)

Download a copy of our forms and management package here.

If you would like details on our services, fees and policies, please call (253) 475-1884  

or e-mail:


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