Emergency Preparedness

When a true emergency situation happens… it will be too late to start getting ready.  This is a short list of things you can easily do to help your family be better prepared for an emergency.  Emergencies situations include Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Extended Power Outages, Volcano Eruption, etc.

If you spend a lot of time away from your home — you might want to prepare an extra  kit to keep in your vehicle or at work too!


Always be prepared for any emergency –  earthquake, severe weather, etc.

1. ALWAYS keep at least enough food and  drinking water in your house to last 3-7 days. Rotate food so emergency supplies stay fresh.

2. Keep a little money (cash) hidden away somewhere, just in case ATM’s or Point of sale systems are not working.

3.  Always keep candles, matches, battery-operated radio, flashlights, etc. ready – but keep them safe and away from small children.  Do not leave lanterns, candles or fires unattended.

4. Keep a first aid kit available in your house and in the car — restock older kits as needed.

5. Keep phone lines free so that real        emergency calls can get through.

6. Remember that many electric items such as cordless phones, electric can openers, etc, will not work in a power outage—

7. For more information visit the Washington Department of Emergency Management website:





Additional information is also available from Tacoma Public Utilities at this website:



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