Application Guidelines


The following guidelines will be followed in processing your application. Non-compliance with any of these items is grounds for immediate rejection of the application. Your application is subject to the owner/agents approval. The applicant understands that the property will remain available “for rent” until an application is approved. Please refer to the posted selection criteria and pet policy for specific details regarding applicants. Applications are processed in the order received.

  1. Application form must be filled out completely.
  2. A RENT DEPOSIT of $150.00 must be paid before the application is processed. Should the application be accepted, the deposit is non-refundable and is applied toward the first month’s rent; deposits on unacceptable applicants will be refunded. Application is not considered received until the rent deposit is paid – (if paid by check, funds must be available at time of application). Rent deposit must be paid in cash, check or money order.
  3. A non-refundable screening fee of $38 per adult occupant is required in addition to and separate from the rent deposit above. Screening fees must be paid in cash, money order, or by separate check. Information on credit history will be reviewed with applicant upon request, all other screening reports will not be released or discussed with the applicant. Screening may include, but is not limited to: retail credit, public records, criminal history and/or evictions. All residents over age 18 must be screened. Owner/Agent reserves the right to screen any minors for criminal background. A separate fee shall be charged for each adult intending to occupy property or being considered as a source of income to support the tenancy.
  4. An Application is not considered received until application form is complete and submitted together with the required screening fees, rent deposit is paid, and all supporting documents listed below are submitted for all occupants.
  5. Upon notification of acceptance, the applicant shall be required to pay an additional $150 towards the first month’s rent and sign the rental agreement(s). The additional funds are non-refundable, unless landlord is unable to provide possession within ten days of the advertised available date according to the rental agreement. Balance of first month’s rent, security deposit, pet fees, & other amounts due must be paid PRIOR to occupancy, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  6. An applicant may withdraw his/her application at any time prior to being notified of acceptance and receive a refund of the rent deposit less a $100.00 withdrawal fee.
  7. All income must be verified. The applicant must provide written verification of his/her income by providing pay stubs or grant letters for the preceding full month. Amount of income must be acceptable to the owner/agent.
  8. Copies of Valid Government Issued Photo Identification (Driver’s License or Identification Card) and Social Security Cards are required at time of application for each applicant/occupant.
  9. Section 8 Applicants: Must submit the original relocation package and provide copies of their voucher and rent worksheet (shopping list) at time of application, and must sign authorization for PHA to release file data.
  10. An inspection of your present residence may be required. If so, it may be an unannounced visit. The owner/agent may reject an application based on unacceptable housekeeping habits.
  11. Applicant acknowledges reading the ‘Tenant Selection Criteria’ (available online and in our office). Any applicant/occupant who does not meet the criteria stated may request a meeting to discuss the details of his/her situation prior to applying.
  12. Application processing will take 2 to 3 business days after all information is supplied. Should additional information be required – applicant shall have until 12 noon the second business day following the request to provide information, otherwise application may be rejected. Applicants may reapply in the future.
  13. All applications and copies of all supporting documents are the property of Family Real Estate Service, Inc. and will not be returned to you.

Rev 11-2016


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